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Ana’s Story is quite a simple and fast read, but additionally it is emotional and touching more so since it’s a real story. For a price of $12.00 you could save a life. Before it is possible to influence your world, vision is essential and important. Nobody else in this world has an identical ring on.

Foundations like World Vision, for example, ask only a little bit of money monthly from their donors. It’s about organization. It is possible to sign on to these organizations as a way to work as a volunteer. Charitable organizations are guaranteed to appreciate your donation whatever the amount. Through the growth of relations, the organisation has been in a position to jointly use the general financial expenses.

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The point is that you’re in full control of what you would like to donate based on what you’re able to afford. The point is to make them think about others until they think about themselves. It appears that if you’re planning to travel but haven’t any idea where but you own a budget, try Wanderfly. This thinking proved to be a new means of living. The idea of losing a kid is horrific. Little things can help equally as much. It’s just an issue of keeping it.

A man who’d influence his world is going to be a guy of discipline. If the most effective man in the completely free world is ready to do what he are able to in order to relieve poverty, and if the most effective nation in the completely free world is ready to do what it are able to in order to relieve poverty, surely we as ordinary individuals can do that which we are able to in order to ease hunger. It doesn’t just makes you truly feel good but the man who unexpectedly receives it! Because You’re A wonderful Person everybody is unique and everybody is made in the image of God.

Nascar Donation Program

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I am a modest surprised at the shortage of competition until recently. This yearly competition is easily the most significant event on NASCAR’s yearly calendar. The event wasn’t canceled. Again there are a lot of related events which you can enjoy before the race. There are lots of fantastic events constantly happening in down town Vegas. It is likewise a yearly event, the greatest one on the planet, where you’re able to admire numerous classic cars.

Practice on controlled tracks before trying to race elsewhere and you’ll find out how important it’s to learn more about the course you intend to race on. It’s extremely colorful and is certain to be a terrific accession to the room of a big Elmo fan. Among the most critical benefits offered from these charitable donations is they offer numerous tax benefits to the numerous car donors. 1 way is by way of the NASCAR automobile Donation program.

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Martin Truex Jr. had a frustrating night at Atlanta Motor Speedway Aug. 31.

After starting sixth—his best start since the season-opener in Daytona—Martin and the No. 78 Chevrolet battled handling issues and a late-race hit to finish 23rd at the Oral-B USA 500.

“I couldn’t drive off the corners,” Martin said. “But we hung in there, fighting for every possible position until Kyle (Busch), for whatever reason, ran into the back of me, causing pretty good damage to our car.”

Martin remains at 25th in the overall Sprint Cup standings, with 11 races to go this season.

“We weren’t great tonight, but we were better than 23rd,” Martin said.

With Martin decked out in the white-trimmed orange fire suit, the No. 78 car once again sported World Vision colors to support efforts to bring clean drinking water to a village in Zambia.

NASCAR fans can give $10 to provide one child with clean water for four years by texting WATER to 777444.

A late-afternoon monsoon nearly drowned close to 100,000 fans’ hopes of seeing a race on Saturday.

But a legion of burly pickup trucks towed giant dryer systems around the track to “blow dry” it, banishing the moisture in time for a 7:37 p.m. green flag for the Quaker State 400 in the Sprint Cup series.

During two days immersed in the NASCAR scene with Martin Truex Jr.’s No. 78 World Vision car and the Furniture Row Racing team, I learned what it takes to ready the car for the big race. I talked with fans who invested plenty of money and travel time to experience the weekend of racing in Sparta, Kentucky.

I was here to gather stories and insights into NASCAR as the racing team helps raise the profile of World Vision’s U.S. disaster relief work and the plight of children in need around the world.

After two days, I thought I was initiated.

I was naïve.

You haven’t experienced NASCAR until you’ve stood in pit row and absorbed the shock wave that overcomes you the moment 42 super-charged racecars scream by, in formation, on the opening green flag.

“Ready … ready … green, green, green. All rolling,” says Furniture Row’s spotter over the radio as Martin takes off from the 10th row, inside.

As soon as lap one was complete, Martin began the conversation with the crew chief and the spotter, who watches from high atop the grandstand and helps the driver maneuver around opponents.

In cool, damp conditions, the car wasn’t running as well as the team had hoped, they say, but Martin held his own thanks to the crew analyzing a continuous feed of data, such as lap times and speeds, from the pits.

“[No.] 48 (Jimmie Johnson) is gonna try to dive-bomb you,” notes the spotter early on.

By lap 45, Martin ran in 24th place with a lap time hovering around 31.10 seconds. The car struggled to grip the track to Martin’s satisfaction. But he moved up several positions after a number of accident-induced caution laps allowed time to fuel up and get fresh tires.

Spotter on lap 42: “31-flat with a pass.”

Martin about 45 laps in: “Good news is I’ve got some good rear grip.”

Spotter after Martin passes an opponent with 44 laps to go: “clear, clear, clear by four (car lengths).”

The final lap came and went – a relatively uneventful night.

Martin finished 19th – the same position he started in. Brad Keselowski, in the No. 2 car, won after leading 199 of the 267 laps at Kentucky Speedway.


Radio traffic went silent. Martin and his competitors sped into the garage area while the victor spun donuts in victory lane.

Within minutes the Furniture Row Racing crew loads the car back onto the top shelf of the hauler.

“This is another race – to get outta town,” says team member David Ferroni.

An hour later, all of the haulers are gone—headed for Daytona.

Day 2: Race to the Sprint Cup


Ten-year-old Douglas Ford stood outside garage 27 with his dad, Kent, patiently waiting in the 90-degree heat to meet driver Martin Truex Jr. While other teams buzzed between garage stalls and hauler trucks, the pair were content to watch the Furniture Row Racing crew ready the No. 78 World Vision car.

“It’s very fan-friendly,” Kent says as they peek into the open garage door. “How many sports let you get up close and personal?”

This is a classic picture of Cup Series American auto-racing at its best.

Douglas clutched his blue die-cast replica of Martin Truex’s former No. 56 Napa Auto Parts car. He would wait as long as he had to for Martin’s autograph.

Between practice rounds and media interviews, Martin made good on that appearance. Douglas got his autograph.

As the day goes on, the team tweaks and adjusts all aspects of Martin’s car. It must pass inspection before it can run in the qualifying rounds.

As I learned from conversations with engine tuners, general managers, racing enthusiasts, and from watching the process myself, each car, no matter the make, must literally fit the mold before it can compete.

Well, Martin and the No. 78 car World Vision team passed inspection and qualified 19th in tomorrow’s starting field of 42 drivers. World Vision Experience Hauler – Kisongo Trek

As the crew rolled the World Vision car onto the final inspection platform, “Fish” (the engine tuner) offered his thoughts on the key factors heading into Saturday night’s race.

“The motor’s gotta run all day; that’s my big deal,” he says. “You gotta have quick pit stops. Track position will be big. And the track’s so rough here that they (the drivers) won’t get close to each other, because they don’t want to wreck. They’ll just bounce everywhere. Just getting the car to happen is a big deal. You go from the hot of the day to the cool of the night; the track changes. It’s a lot to put into it to cover all the bases.”

Pre-Race: Race to the Sprint Cup

The clock struck noon on Thursday, and a horde of itinerant crew chiefs, engineers, and mechanics mobbed the row of semitruck trailers lining Kentucky Speedway’s infield. They were focused, ready to get to work on their respective cars for the Quaker State 400, part of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

I’m here to document the race and tell the story of a growing relationship between Furniture Row Racing and World Vision. In the process, I’m learning more than I ever expected to learn about NASCAR and racing culture. I was responsible for making a follow up video for Youtube. I ended up using Final Cut, the Best Video Editing Software for YouTube in my opinion . You can look up the video on youtube by searching Sprint Cup #72.

Race day is two days away. Car and team have to be perfect if they want to compete. While the tone is mellow across the sprawling landscape of campers, RVs, parking lots, and team memorabilia trailers, it’s all business in the garage.This is the first of three races for which the owner of Martin Truex Jr.’s No. 78 car, Barney Visser, is wrapping the car in a different design to highlight World Vision’s work to help children and families in need in the United States and around the world. While the team could make big money from sticking other sponsors’ colors on the car, Visser, a longtime partner with World Vision, is giving it all up to raise the profile of a cause dear to his heart.

First order: get the 3,500-pound racing machine safely from the top shelf of the team’s 53-foot trailer onto the ground 12 feet below and roll it into the garage to prep for the official inspection.

“You always get a little knot in your throat until it hits those chalks, there [on the lift],” says Jim “Jungle” Gilbert, who operates the lift that lowers Furniture Row Racing’s No. 78 car to the ground.

“Jungle” hauls the cars and equipment from race to race. A weekend racing habit in his youth turned into a full-time gig 27 years ago. He has since worked just about every possible job on crews for drivers, such as Bobby Labonte, Joe Gibbs, Tony Stewart, and Kurt Busch. A mechanic to the core, he’s full of stories.

Press Release: Truex Jr.’s No. 78 Chevrolet to Showcase World Vision As The Primary Paint Scheme at Kentucky Sprint Cup Race

Denver (June 23, 2014) — Martin Truex Jr.’s No. 78 Furniture Row Chevrolet will have a unique paint scheme for Saturday night’s (June 28) NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series race at Kentucky Speedway in Sparta.

Truex’s car for the Quaker State 400 will be fully wrapped in World Vision colors to create awareness for the Christian global humanitarian organization.

World Vision works with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. With programs in nearly 100 countries, World Vision provides emergency assistance to those affected by natural disasters and civil conflict, works with communities to develop long-term solutions to alleviate poverty and advocates on behalf of the poor.

Furniture Row Racing team owner Barney Visser has been a longtime supporter of World Vision. Visser witnessed first-hand how World Vision’s disaster relief work saves lives when he accompanied aid workers in Indonesia during the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

“I have always been impressed with World Vision for its worldwide efforts during natural disasters and humanitarian work in aiding the poor and sick,” said Visser. “But what I saw firsthand after the Tsunami in Bande Aceh was how truly prepared and competent World Vision workers were in one of the most horrific disasters in history. I was extremely proud of how World Vision took the lead with its disaster response team and how they executed a well-prepared emergency plan.”

Visser added, “World Vision has been developing systems and processes and training people for more than 60 years. They are very good at it. Everyone I meet from World Vision in the field or in a country has been people I trust. Furniture Row Racing will be proud to showcase World Vision on the No. 78 race car and hope that more NASCAR fans take notice of this extraordinary Christian humanitarian organization.”

World Vision is also looking forward to continuing the Furniture Row partnership as a means to increase awareness about its humanitarian efforts in nearly 100 countries.

“This innovative partnership with Furniture Row Racing, one of World Vision’s most loyal partners, is a unique way to raise awareness and resources to fight poverty internationally and here in the U.S.,” said Morris Franklin, Director of Sports & Entertainment at World Vision U.S. “NASCAR fans have big hearts, which is why we are confident children and families will be the real winners at the Quaker State 400.”

To further educate NASCAR fans about World Vision, a mobile semi-truck will be on display at Kentucky Speedway. The display will take fans through a journey in the Tanzania community of Kisongo.

The Kisongo Trek is a unique, interactive experience of travel to Africa. The sights and sounds of Tanzania come to life through technology, dynamic cinematography and captivating photography. Fans will be able to hear stories about how a real life village has moved from poverty to hope through the dedicated efforts of World Vision.

To see pictures and video from the race and find out more information about the World Vision/Furniture Row Racing partnership visit